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Патч v1.2 (Multi)
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Автор: Gamepires
Версия файла: 1.2 Размер: 314.71 МБайт
Требуемая версия игры: любая [Multi] Файл скачан 107 раз
Дата добавления в архив: 18 июня 2012 года Просмотров профиля: 2428
Тема на форуме для обсуждения файла: ---
Ссылки (зеркала) для скачивания: Проблемы со скачиванием?
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Описание файла и прочая информация:
- Player kick timeout can be specified in dedicated server config file or through launcher
- Dedicated server name moved to GGDedicatedServer.xml and can be specified through launcher
- Network command now lists ping time for clients in the Lobby scene
- Multiplayer is now structured as a tournament. Tournament ranking is determined using the score,
kills count and collected bonuses. The tournament races are specified using the race types list
and track list eather through GGDedicatedServer.xml or launcher.
- Network bandwidth optimizations.
- Improved randomization of tracks and race types on dedicated server.
- Fixed bug with custom server message rate.
- Server name is displayed in lobby (instead of generic LOBBY text).
- The car, car customizations and weapons are not related to campaign anymore. The user can now
create multiplayer presets and choose the preset in the lobby. The preset is made of car, car
customizations and weapon. The presets are created in multiplayer main menu (the menu where the
server list is).
- There is no need to use "" when sending chat message using Say console command.
- Many gameplay balance improvements.
- Player cannot collect repairs if car is not damaged.
- When player connects or disconnects from the server, ready state for other players remains the
- Implemented deathmatch game mode. The goal is to make as much kills as possible until the
maximum number of kills is reached or timeout elapses. In deathmatch, players are spawned without
weapons. Instead, player can pick-up and toggle between weapons. Weapon pickups are marked with
- Added two deathmatch maps: "Desert Arena" and "Public Garage".
- Knockout winner gets 3 score points now.
- Updated dedicated server launcher to support new game modes and arcade mode.
- Implemented Last Man Standing game mode. This mode is similar to deathmatch. The difference is
that there is no respawn for killed players and winner is the player that survives the onslaught.
- Server messages are disabled during race start countdown.
- Player cannot collect ammo if ammo is full already.
- Fixed bug where on some installation paths dedicated server launcher would not launch dedicated
- Launch button in dedicated server launcher is split into "Save and Launch" and "Save and Exit"
buttons. This can be useful if user just wants to edit dedicated server configuration file without
launching the server.

Single Player/Common:
- Added new car: Defiant Regale
- Added voice-over inspired by Duke Nukem
- Nitro is slowly refilled while car is in the air
- Various bug fixes
- Max radar distance is now 150 m
- Added glow behind pick-up models to improve their distinguishability
- Added new car: Fordiac Bandit
- Improved car-to-car collisions in single-player. It is now easier to push AI player's or make it
- The names of players and their health (driver tags) can now be displayed above the cars. There
are four options for displaying driver tags: always (default), single-player only,
multiplayer only, never.
- Nitro can now be used when car is going in reverse.
- Improved gear switching so car can do a little bit faster transition from forward to reverse and
vice versa.
- Added "Arcade Mode" to profile selection menu. When arcade mode is turned on, the car has the
same grip regardless of the surface.
- The current race type indicator is drawn in the upper-left corner of the HUD. In deathmatch, this
indicator, along with the laps count and minimap is replaced with the radar.
- The current weapon, sticker and rim in the garage are drawn differently to distinguish them from
non-current items.
- The description text for weapons and upgrades is always visible regardless of purchased or
mounted state.
- Added glyphs from non-english languages to fonts that did not have them.
- Moved hard-coded strings to string table.
- When new campaign is started, the shotgun is mounted automatically onto FAT Ficho. Additionally,
"Uncle Jimbo Trail" track and the first level of upgrades are unlocked by default.
- Last quick race settings are preserved now
- On 64-bit systems, applications can now take advantage of 4 GB of RAM.
- Fixed various memory leaks
- Fixed crash after a long game due to insufficient memory
- Improved game loading times
- Added faster and enhanced screen glare to HDR post processing effect
- Added damage indicator into HUD (can be turned off in game options)
- Added game manual smile
- V-sync added to graphics options
- Added support for Unicode characters in text boxes (e.g. profile name, nickname, ...)
- Fixed bug where auto-aim was not working on large distances
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