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Патч v1.15 (Multi)
Оценка редакции
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Автор: Runic Games
Версия файла: 1.15 Размер: 403.4 МБайт
Требуемая версия игры: любая [Multi] Файл скачан 4143 раза
Дата добавления в архив: 06 ноября 2009 года Просмотров профиля: 14748
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Описание файла и прочая информация:
This is the installer for Torchlight version 1.15. If this is your first time playing Torchlight, please enjoy the two hour demo mode provided. If you have already purchased Torchlight from the official website, your product key will unlock this install into the full game. If you have purchased Torchlight from another provider, you will need to contact them for any updates.

Upgrading from previous versions

IMPORTANT: This if a FULL REINSTALL. The packaged files for this version changed entirely to improve loading times, so a full reinstall is necessary. If you are upgrading, you will need to uninstall your previous version.

You will be prompted to re-enter your key when you launch this version in order to unlock it; if you have already activated your key on a previous version of the game, we have reset the count of used activations to compensate for this, so please re-enter your key.

BACK UP YOUR SAVE GAMES! Your uninstaller may ask you if you want to delete your save games. Make sure that it is UN CHECKED!
If you want to be extra safe, you can manually back up your saves - I'd recommend this. Better safe than sorry! To manually back up your saves, please follow the steps below:
Open your "Start Menu" and click "Run"
Type in %appdata% and click "OK"
In the folder that opens up, browse to Runic GamesTorchlightSave and copy all of the files in that directory into a backup folder on your computer
If you have any support issues, please visit http://www.torchlightgame.com/support for information and options.

Torchlight 1.15 Patch Notes:

  • Five new challenge room maps obtainable as rewards for completing various quests from Vasman in Torchlight.
  • New challenges await in the Tomb of the Awakened, Estherian Ruins, Dwarven Fortress, Molten Prison, and Black Palace.
  • Challenge rooms offer players more of an interactive experience, and require some thought to successfully navigate - complete them and reap the rewards!

Content Fixes

  • Root Golem Fire Breath now deals damage
  • Ember Bolt had a bad value in higher levels
  • Zealot lightning bolt now does damage
  • Gem effects accumulating when recovering from socketed items
  • Sushi Helm Recipe fix
  • Added Blind Effect for modders
  • New Unittype of Bossmap for modders
  • Multiple spelling fixes
  • Fixed a few spots where floor tiles where missing or had the wrong collision set
  • Fixed various locations where monsters were getting stuck in some levels
  • Limited Multi-language support added for modders ( tool coming )
  • PERCENT_BLEND effect no longer sets the target - for modders
  • Scale effect can now be permanent - for modders Code Fixes
  • Option in Settings file to turn off steam cloud added
  • Settings broke into 2 files. LocalSettings and settings
  • Fixed rare teleport crash
  • Fix for input latency on low FPS for skills; hotbar skills and items
  • Alric Achievement now works on steam
  • Fixed XP not being removed correct after death
  • Passive skills now adhere to equipment requirements
  • Fixed rare case when triggers wouldn't fire correctly
  • Texture overrides fixed in paper doll view
  • Fixed issue with some looping skills

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